A Six Part Series 
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The International Documentary Association

About Fiscal Sponsorship

The fiscal sponsor for The World of Roses is The International Documentary Association located in Los Angeles, CA.  The IDA serves as the recipient for grants or donations that must qualify as 501(c)(3) ‘not-for-profit’ status under the Internal Revenue Code. Donations, gifts, or underwriting grants can be made to the IDA who will administer the funds and disburse them to our production budget as required.  To qualify for IDA fiscal sponsorship a proposed documentary project undergoes a detailed review by a panel of experienced production professionals.  To view a copy of the IDA Fiscal Sponsor Letter for this series click here.


What is the IDA?

The International Documentary Association (IDA) was founded in 1982 as a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to supporting the efforts of nonfiction film and video makers throughout the United States and the world; promoting the documentary form; and expanding opportunities for the production, distribution, and exhibition of the documentary.  The IDA is committed to continuing its efforts to increase public appreciation and demand for documentary films, videos, and television programs across all ethnic, political and socioeconomic boundaries.

Over the past twenty-seven years IDA has served as a forum and voice for documentary filmmakers around the world.  IDA currently serves over 2,800 members in 50 countries, offering programs, seminars, lectures, workshops, and screenings for those members and the general public.  The IDA’s major activities include: Publishing its magazine, International Documentary - devoted exclusively to nonfiction media; serving as a fiscal sponsor for more than 300 independent nonfiction projects each year; honoring the excellence and promise of documentary filmmakers through its annual Awards Program; presenting new documentaries via its annual showcase, DocuFest; producing several seminars and workshops each year on the East and West Coasts, on subjects such as grant writing, production, distribution, using stock footage, legal issues, and marketing.


Learn More About the IDA

To learn more about the IDA please visit their website at www.documentary.org or contact: 

International Documentary Association
Fiscal Sponsorship Program
1201 West 5th Street, Suite M 270
Los Angeles, CA 90017

phone: 213-534-3600, ext 7445
fax: 213-534-3610

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