A Six Part Series 
for Public Television

About American Public Television

American Public Television is a prime source of programming for the nation’s public television stations.  For nearly 50 years, they have established a tradition of providing the nation’s more than 350 public television stations with content which enables them to strengthen and customize their schedules.  For the fourth year in a row, APT has provided more than half of the top-rated titles on public television in a single year, making APT a sought-after source of programming which is alternative and complementary to the content of other distributors including PBS.

Each year, APT distributes more than 300 series and specials in a variety of genres including documentary, news and public affairs, arts and performance, cooking and lifestyle, travel, feature film packages, children’s programming and drama.  Rick Steves' Europe, Globe Trekker, America's Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia's Italy, Rosemary and Thyme, Pavarotti: Salute Petra, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, Spain...on the road Again and feature films from Warner/Turner and 20th Century Fox are among the high-profile programs APT markets and distributes to public television stations.  

APT’s program staff seeks finished programs and co-production partnerships from domestic and overseas markets. This includes international public and commercial broadcasters, independent producers, commercial record labels, film studios, syndication services, cable networks, and public television stations.  Distribution of any program by American Public Television is subject to final approval, based on an evaluation of content, funding considerations, production values and technical standards. 

To learn more about American Public Television please visit their web site at www.aptonline.org.      

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