A Six Part Series 
for Public Television



The World of Roses is a television series exploring the fascinating people, places, and history associated with the world's most popular flower.  It consists of six half-hour episodes.  The fiscal sponsor of the series is the International Documentary Association.

What is it About?

Have you ever wondered...

  • What is it that attracts us to the rose?
  • How is it that the rose re-appears in many cultures across thousands of years?  
  • Who are the key figures in rose history?
  • Where are the great rose gardens of the world?  
  • Where do new roses come from? 
  • How do you grow them?  
In the course of this series we will answer these questions and many more.  The World of Roses is a positive, uplifting human interest story.  It also reminds us that while we are attracted to the beauty of nature we sometimes feel compelled to improve upon it, either through accident or science.  Produced in HDTV,  The World of Roses is intended for broadcast to general audiences on public television or cable networks and international public television.  

What's in the Series?

The host for our programs is Paul Epsom, gardening correspondent for the Emmy Award winning PBS series The Victory Garden.  The series will use a documentary approach to discover the attraction of the rose and to grasp its cultural and botanical significance.  It will incorporate interviews with rose enthusiasts and international experts, plus archive materials, animated sequences, and relevant literature, art and science.  The overall look of the series will be lush, colorful, fun, fast paced, with an evocative musical score.

The World of Roses project has four components: a TV series, an educational web site, a DVD, and a podcast series.  The television series consists of six half-hour episodes that explore everything from the history of ancient roses to the creation of plants through genetic engineering.  The companion web site will have educational and entertainment features building on themes from the film. The DVD version of the program will also feature some of the web site's materials.

Who is the Audience?

The rose is the world's most popular flower and America's national flower.  Our series will appeal to a general television audience.  The story of the rose is international in nature and we believe the programs will attract viewers in North America, Europe and Asia.  The subject also has a built-in appeal to gardeners, nature enthusiasts and history buffs. The DVD will be saleable in the home video and educational markets.

Public Television Distribution

American Public Television has expressed an interest in offering the completed The World of Roses series to public television stations through the APT Exchange service.  American Public Television is a major programming source and distribution system to over 350 PBS stations in the United States:
  • With more than 3500 hours of programming available currently, APT identifies innovative programs and creative distribution techniques for producers. In four decades, they have established a tradition of providing public television stations with the choices that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules.   
  • APT Exchange is the largest source of free programming available to U.S. public television stations.   
  • APT Exchange is one of the most effective marketing platforms for sponsors, providing maximum carriage potential and covering virtually every market in the country (350+ stations).   
APT Exchange promotes its programs to stations nationally via their web site, listings in their program catalog, highlights in a monthly newsletter and press materials for TV listings services, as well as providing all the tools stations need to promote their programs locally.  Distribution of any program by American Public Television is subject to final approval, based on an evaluation of content, funding considerations, production values and technical standards.  Click here to learn more about APT.

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